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Reggie The Reel Critic Talks Box Office Numbers and the Much Awaited Jordan Peele Movie “Us”

Written by on March 22, 2019

Vocalo’s senior movie critic, Reggie Ponder, joined us in the studio to talk about his weekly run-down on box office numbers and personal favorites.

This week, Reggie saw Jordan Peele’s much anticipated movie “Us”, a horror film about demonic dopplegangers and a family vacation gone wrong. Peele rose to fame as a director in 2017 when he released the powerful film “Get Out”. Now, he’s back and continuing his mission of bringing black families and characters to the screen. Ponder commented that “Us” is one of the few movies where, “… the first person to die isn’t black!”.

Listen to the interview below to hear Reggie’s rating and analysis of the film along with commentary on other box office favorites!


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