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Terror Falls From The Sky In Jordan Peele’s “Nope”

Written by on August 2, 2022

Featured image courtesy of Monkeypaw Productions

Reggie “The Reel Critic” Ponder returns to break down Jordan Peele’s latest nightmare, Nope.

Released July 22, Nope, Jordan Peele’s newest film, follows Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as a pair of young ranch-owning siblings dealing with an otherworldly phenomenon from above, objects falling from the sky, a neighboring amusement park and other mysterious happenings.

Our resident film critic Reggie “The Reel Critic” Ponder says, “It’s clear that Jordan Peele is saying that Black people have a place in American stories… histories, and cinema.” He notably adds, “Nope is not a Black movie. It is a movie that champions Black presence.”

Ponder goes on to present his thoughts and theories about the film’s meaning. Stream it now on Spotify…

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Audio production by Reggie Ponder

Written by George Chiligiris

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