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[Q & A]: Los indie rockers French Police

Written by on February 12, 2020

(from left to right) Jesse Flores [bass guitar], Brian Flores [lead vocals/rhythm guitar], and Jose Vega [lead guitar]. (Photo courtesy of French Police)

Chicago’s South Side indie rockers French Police are back in action with a new band line-up (now a trio), and a new 15-song album to be released on February 29th. ¿Los conoces? Chécate our Q&A with brothers Brian and Jesse Flores, and Jose Vega, about their latest single that takes us back to the origins of post-punk.

Domingos En Vocalo: “Dance with me” is an irresistible song. Love the intro! Those ambient sounds of waves, and the music takes us back to the UK sound of the ’70s. What influenced the song?

Brian Flores: When I was making the song, I was trying to see if I could make a song sound like it was made back in the 80’s mixed with my personal touch.

I like reading beyond the lyrics, and find it interesting to see some words like obsession, addiction, lies, all of which are part of the current scenario of romantic relationships. Did you think of that or was it only an image I got from the song?

BF: The song is about being in a relationship where you become obsessed and addicted, and how it messes with your head, and has you wondering if the “love” is even real.

Any update on a new album?

Our upcoming album Haunted Castle will be released everywhere on February 29th. We decided on making this album fifteen songs. A lot of the songs are short, which is why I think we decided to go with so many, but it was also hard to choose which ones we wanted to keep, and which ones we wanted to scrap. In the end, we needed up keeping a lot more.

So, what are your biggest obsessions? 

BF: My biggest obsession right now would be the inspiration to this song. But also, I can get obsessed with myself at times. It’s weird.

Jesse Flores: I’m currently not obsessed with anyone or anything to be honest.

What’s one of your favorite music gadgets or accessories? 

BF: I love recording gear, like interfaces. I also love effect pedals. I’m a bit of a pedal nerd. I love learning about pedals, and the effects. It’s cool how you can change your sound with a single pedal. French Police relies a lot on our pedals; they definitely make our sound.

[Dato curioso: All members use Fender guitars.]

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

BF: I think I can speak for all when I say we are looking forward to playing more shows, and hopefully, being able to finally do a tour. We’ve got this new album coming out, so we’re ready to start playing all these songs live.

Escucha “Dance with me”:

French Police has shared their new album cover. ¿Qué te parece?


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