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Black Brown Intersections: Practically Speaking with Audra Wilson

Written by on June 3, 2020

This special presentation of Practically Speaking, hosted by Audra Wilson, features discussions on Polyculturalism, the Black presence in Mexican culture and more.

This episode examines the influence of Africans on Mexico, culturally and otherwise, and the story of a South Side native who stands squarely in both worlds – part Mexican and part Black. There’s a much deeper connection between Black folks and Brown folks in this country than many folks acknowledge or realize.

Guest Dr. Pancho McFarland discusses the struggles of folks who find their identity in both communities, and provides thoughtful examples of the way these two communities are inextricably linked.

These stories draw attention to all that the Black and Brown communities have in common, and break down some of the chasms that the city is struggling with today.

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