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Ohmme Proves Music Speaks Louder Than Words With “Selling Candy”

Written by on May 13, 2020


Chicago-based duo Ohmme has released “Selling Candy,” the third single previewing their upcoming June album release. But despite the lyrics only having six words, this song screams emotion throughout.

The adjective “dreamlike” is often used to describe something lofty and comfortable; a relaxing walk along the clouds of our imagination. But dreams are hardly ever so simple. Oftentimes, explaining the intricacies of your mental images can become almost impossible and frustrating. Dreams are creatures of our unfiltered and uncontrolled creativity. They may be weird, they may be silly, they may be scary, but dreams are nothing but the product of a mind free to roam. A mind unbound from conscious thought.

In this vein, “Taking Candy” can be considered dreamlike.

The single from the Chicago group feels less like a traditional song with planned out verses and choruses, and more like the product of letting musical creativity run wild. Heavy guitar strums, eerie harmonies and unrelenting drums make “Selling Candy” a soundscape of unbridled imagination, toeing the line between experimental and surprisingly familiar sounds.

Other than the eponymous words, “Selling Candy” only contains four more uttered words. The rest of the song is a combination of frenetic music making, brimming with emotion, telling a story with no need of superfluous lyrics. Even the chaotic and noisy ending to the song somehow works as a fitting ending paragraph to the stroll along Ohmme’s imagination that is “Selling Candy.”

Along with “Ghost” and “3 2 4 3,” this is just one of the tracks released to be featured in Ohmme’s next full length album Fantasize Your Ghost, set to release on June 5.

Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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