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‘YESSIE’ is Jessie Reyez’s Product of Healing

Written by on November 11, 2022

NH: That’s so funny… It’s so funny, because I feel like parents, they naturally forgive you… they’re just so, especially good parents are so loving and so forgiving. Do your parents… listen to your music? Do they come to your shows?

JR: Yeah. They’re on tour right now, they’re up in the green room right now. I’m on the tour bus and they’re in the green room.

NH: Oh really? Oh that’s so cute! And so your second show is tonight, here at the House of Blues, sold out. What are some of your rituals before you go on? Do you need your — I know some people need their alone time, they’re like, “Okay, I need like, five minutes to myself just in a room.” How do you prepare yourself to go and receive that much energy from a crowd?

JR: I drink like a bucket of water all day, and I do a lot of warm-ups. And I don’t have, well, I try not to have anything fried or anything dairy, for the sake of my vocal cords before the show. After the show, I eat. Before the show, it’s very regimented. And I pray, and then we do a team prayer and then I do a prayer by myself, and then I hit the stage.

NH: Oh, I love that… What’s your favorite post-show meal?

JR: Wings. Chicken wings.

NH: I love that. You need to have a Chicago hot dog, though, before you leave.

JR: I do. I do need to have a Chicago hot dog before I leave. You’re absolutely right. 

NH: I will recommend Wiener’s Circle. If you can stop by Wiener’s Circle, hook up the fam. It’s real good. It’s real good. 

JR: Thank you. 

NH: No problem. Well, thank you so much. And I do have one last line I wanted to thank you for, when I listened to your album. It was, “Waist is getting slimmer, but I don’t think my ass is.” And I was just like, “Sing it, Jessie! Sing it!” I was like. “Yes!” 

JR: [Laughs] Thanks!

NH: That’s like a mantra right there.

JR: That’s cool. Yeah. Power of the tongue.

NH: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being with us. And I hope you kill it tonight.

JR: Thank you so much. Bye, have a good night! 

NH: You too. Bye.

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Interview conducted by Nudia Hernandez

Transcript, editing for length and clarity and audio editing by Morgan Ciocca

Video editing and written introduction by Makenzie Creden

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