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Jill’s Top 5: November 2021

Written by on November 12, 2021

Pictured above: Taylor Kelly in the music video for “Maybe,” dir. Matt Keppler

Host of “Jill Afternoons” Jill Hopkins shares her top five favorite “In Rotation” tracks this month. Stream each track and see what she had to say about them below!

John Miike by Joe Gibbs, photo courtesy of the artist.

John Miike – “Down” (feat. SAINT JAVEN)

John Miike has blessed us with the kind of shiny pop-tinged R&B that The Weeknd is probably kicking himself for not getting to first. I can’t wait to see this Illinois Boy on the 50 yard line at a big wintertime football game, running through a hall of mirrors … but, better than that, because that’s how we do in the IL.

ChiniGettinSaucy – “Mile High” (feat. Witz the King)

Firstly, if you can, listen to this through the best audio system you have access to and thank me later. Secondly, get this song to Zola ASAP. This song is for the girlies at the clubs with sophisticated and discerning taste.

Taylor Kelly — “Maybe”

Fun Fact about Taylor Kelly: She was the Beyoncé in a Destiny’s Child cover band.
Fun Fact about this song:  I can see how that happened.
This airy, romantic track makes Kelly my favorite pop music Taylor. By a lot. 

Longshot – “Where’s The Peace?” (feat. Lazerbeak, Kat Luna)

This banger of a protest song feels like what would’ve happened if Common had never gone Hollywood. Guest vocalist Kat Luna’s contribution is the glue that holds this already great song together, and helps solidify this track as the one you won’t be able to get out of your head after hearing it just once. 

GoldGrrl – “The Holy Night Record”

GoldGrrl grabbed my attention as the lead singer for jazz-metal band Erzulie, and this festive and downright lovely holiday jam is a testament to containing multitudes. I don’t know about the rest of our on-air staff, but this one was how I dipped my toe into Christmas music for the season, and I can’t imagine that I’ll change course ever. This is just the thing to ease my black Black heart into green and red territory.

Stream the full In Rotation playlist on Spotify below …

By Jill Hopkins

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