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NNAMDÏ Allows Creativity To Run Wild With “Krazy Karl”

Written by on July 10, 2020


Strange, ambitious, weird and delightful are all words to describe the latest album. But through and through, despite its strangeness, “Krazy Karl” is a sonic joy.

One should never assume they know what NNAMDÏ’s “sound” is. With works ranging from R&B to Pop to Orchestral, NNAMDÏ is as dynamic as he is talented. Constantly pushing the envelope of what his art means, NNAMDÏ sits at the boundary of what can be considered “normal.”

Now, in what has been a string of LPs released this year, NNAMDÏ has dropped his most curious and ambitious album yet. According to the Chicago artist, Krazy Karl takes inspiration from Carl Stalling’s work. Stalling, the man responsible for the Orchestral sounds of Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies, made a caricature off of music, transporting music considered “high art” to a fantastical world. In a similar way, NNAMDÏ uses this album as an opportunity to deviate from the usual and take his listeners to a world in a plane beyond ours.


When listening to Krazy Karl, one can often forget they’re listening to the same artist behind this year’s BRAT LP. But as the artist told us back in April, “My music is an amalgamation of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences; a mixture of unhinged hedonistic pursuit, vulnerability, over-analyzation, and creative but uniting songwriting and production.” And Krazy Karl is just that: unhinged hedonistic pursuit.

It’s difficult to put the latest release into words. Krazy Karl is a work that must be experienced. It will confuse you, it will make you happy, it will anger you, but you will come out of this aural experience having a hard time keeping your jaw from hitting the floor.

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Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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