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Nnamdï Drops A Stunning Animated Visual For “Glass Casket”

Written by on May 30, 2020


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After dropping BRAT, which VICE has already dubbed “One of the year’s most thrilling albums,” Chicago artist Nnamdï has another visual for us.

“Glass Casket” is the sixth track on Nnamdï’s April album BRAT. The new video for it, animated by Stephen Smith, premiered last weekend on Adult Swim’s Saturday night. In the film, a cartoon version of the singer transforms into 45 different personas while drifting through a dreamland and talking about the concern for his family.

In an interview with HYPEBEAST, the Chicago singer revealed he’s outgrown many of the anxieties discussed in “Glass Casket.” He explained that where he’s at now, when compared to three years ago, is an extreme jump. Now, he says he’s not as concerned because he knows he can make things happen (like feeding his family, as the lyrics worry over). “I’m always trying to expand and chase the next thing to build,” he said. “I don’t feel those exact feelings — I don’t have the anxiety or the worry because my drive has overtaken control of that anxiety.”

And for Smith, who’s self-proclaimed to be “obsessed” with Nnamdï, this collaboration was a dreamy as the video’s visuals. “His music keeps you guessing while feeling very honest. ‘Glass Casket’ is a grounded song about identity and Nnamdi’s relationship with his choices,” he said.

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Written by Shelby Kluver