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MUEX Releases Debut LP “Gateway”

Written by on May 15, 2020

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We last spoke to the Chicago duo MUEX about how the lockdown was affecting their creative process, and they made one thing clear: they could not wait to share the sound of their new LP with us. “Gateway” is here, and it’s exactly what we need right now.

The melodies on this album are impossible to get out of your head. These two have a way with catchy, poppy, hooks that call to mind the best of Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, or Drake when he’s deeply in his feels. Viktorija’s voice performs acoustic gymnastics throughout the album, finding moments of fever pitched bliss and cool detachment at various points on the project. Jonny’s production creates huge amounts of space, accompanying Viktorija’s high flying vocal acrobatics with ribcage rattling drums and atmospheric pads that swell and fall into oceans of reverb.

MUEX is not afraid to be moody, but they also know that there is light in any darkness, that we must face our feelings to rise and move forward. It’s almost like “Gateway” was tailor-made to release during these challenging times.

“Gateway” brings us the sound that we know from MUEX: introspective and bittersweet lyrics, easily swimming in a drowsy soundscape, anchored in heavy, booming beats that keep the entire thing from just drifting away. There are serious electronic influences here, from reverb drenched vocal wizardry to ice cold arpeggiated synth lines, yet “Gateway” feels particularly human and personal.

‘Wasted’ deals with toxic relationships and the folly of seeking an escape through substances. ‘Hurting’ takes us deep into the mindset of someone hurting from a lost or unhealthy relationship. ‘Far Away’ sounds like the thoughts of someone driving home late at night, having only their thoughts and the road ahead for comfort.

If you’ve been stressed or overcome by your emotions lately, it’s alright to acknowledge them and embrace those dark, moody thoughts. I suggest you let MUEX guide you through that journey, and now we have “Gateway” as the perfect companion.

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Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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