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Mila La Morena Is An “Absolute Free Spirit”

Written by on February 3, 2022

“I honestly feel that Chicago has some of the most talented, creative, diverse artists in the country.”

Mila La Morena

Mila La Morena showcases electrifying, proudly queer energy on new single “Sagitario.”

Formerly suburban, currently Chicago-based artist Mila La Morena dropped her fifth dreamy, danceable single since 2019 in December — which made its way onto Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist for January 2022. Titled “Sagitario,” in accordance with the astrological season of its release, the single explores La Morena’s queer identity and the celestial connection she feels to people born under her same zodiac sign.

Mila La Morena collaborated with electronica producer C∆IRNS on “Sagitario,” leaving listeners floating on a synth-pop cloud guided by her vocals.

We interviewed Mila about her artistic journey, the bold spirituality her music embodies and more…

All photos courtesy of the artist

When did you move to Chicago [from the suburbs], and why?

I moved back out to Chicago when I was 20 years old. I always knew that I needed to get out of the suburbs, and Chicago has always called my name. I have so much family here, and there is so much culture here. It just always felt like my real home.

What’s something that drew you to the Chicago music scene?

I honestly feel that Chicago has some of the most talented, creative, diverse artists in the country. We don’t have the same music business resources NY and LA do, and yet artists still find a way to prosper.

What is your favorite venue to play at in Chicago? Why?

My favorite venue that I’ve played at was the Green Mill. It is my dad’s favorite venue in the country, so it felt like a dream to be able to play somewhere I had heard so much about growing up.

What’s your dream venue to play at in the city, and why?

I would die to play at Thalia Hall or the Aragon [Ballroom]. I think they are both so beautiful and so good at creating a dreamy atmosphere.

All five of your singles have eye-catching, colorful art, but all the covers are distinctly different from one another. Is there a theme connecting them all — and, if so, what is the common thread? Or, if not, why did you choose to represent the singles in such different ways?

I definitely customize each single artwork to match the vibe of the song, which honestly are all very different. They each have their own attitude and mixture of genres. Visuals are very important for me when I’m writing music. I always have colors and images in mind.

Your newest single, “Sagitario,” was released last month — toward the end of Sagittarius season. In your own words, what’s the song about?

This song to me, as a Sagittarius, is about the inexplicable connection I have to other Sagittarius queer and fem people. I think it is something about our energy and absolute free spirit. That can honestly be said about most of the queer people that I meet, though, and definitely an energy that thrives within Chicago. 

Why did you name this single “Sagitario”? Did you plan to release it during Sagittarius season, or did it just work out coincidentally?

Yes, I did plan to release it in the beginning, but unfortunately there were some complications with getting it all together on time. Me and C∆IRNS wanted it to be perfect before we released it, so it was kinda just a matter of tweaking stuff. 

How did you and C∆IRNS decide to collaborate on this track?

They actually did me the honor of asking me for a collaboration! I had been a huge fan of their work for such a long time, since we have some mutual musician friends. They sent me the instrumental and I connected to it immediately!

What sounds or ideas are you exploring on this single that you haven’t before, if any?

This song for me explores the electronic parts of my music that feels so much more queer than my other songs, and I love it! I think it is the House influence that makes it feel that way, almost nostalgic but in a very modern way. 

A lot of your singles were released during the most locked-down portion of the pandemic. What kept you motivated to continue making music?

Sheeessh, it was rough, to be honest. Music is my main obligation in my life, so I knew I absolutely had to keep going — but I tried to never force anything out of me. I only wrote on days I was feeling inspired, but on those days I really tried to squeeze out every drop I could. Since I’ve basically just been home, movies have been my main form of creative inspiration. 

Are there any creative outlets besides music you’ve explored over the past two years?

These two years have been absolutely liberating to try out creative outlets I love and be fine with not being that good at it. I’ve been loving collaborating on photoshoot concepts with friends and fashion. I’ve also been getting into making paper-mâché sculptures inspired by the ones Frida Kahlo would make. Spoiler: I also have finished dipping my toes into stop motion cinematography for one of my next music videos. 

So, if you were to get a FILA sponsorship, and they were going to release Mila FILA’s, how would you design them?

Eeeeep! I would love them to be badass, and a little masc and fem. Definitely platformed, cause I love chunky shoes that look like Bratz doll shoes. They would come in black, brown or pink with lots of Demonia-inspired gothic buckles and chains.

What’s next for Mila La Morena?

I have so much music planned for this upcoming year! I’m very excited about it. Every song will get its own attention — and, hopefully, some type of video. Also a lot of very cool collaborations are coming out soon. I’m going to be bopping to Mexico City a lot to work with some producers out there. My dad is from Mexico City, so it’s been so cool embracing that as my second home.

Listen to Mila’s music on Spotify below and follow her on Instagram.

Interviewed and edited for length and clarity by George Chiligiris

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