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Mahalia And Nudia Talk Breakups And Bad Tattoos At Lolla ’22

Written by on August 5, 2022

London based alt-R&B musician Mahalia lifted spirits and broke hearts with two magnificent sets at Lollapalooza ’22. Before her performances, she sat down to chat with Vocalo afternoons host Nudia Hernandez.

English singer-songwriter Mahalia performed for a packed crowd the afternoon of Friday July 29 at Lollapalooza’s Bud Light Seltzer stage, followed later by a more intimate evening set at the Toyota Music Den. Fans at both shows were treated to songs from her 2022 Letter To Ur Ex EP, plus some of her most popular singles going all the way back to 2017 including “Disturb” and “Sober.” 

A few hours before her two sets, Mahalia joined Vocalo’s Nudia Hernandez to discuss finding her voice and writing songs about exes… and to address the rumor she stood up Kendrick Lamar. The two laughed together over tales of past relationships while discussing the story behind “I Wish I Missed My Ex,” a song which fans often express has helped them following a bad breakup. Mahalia loves hearing about the connection fans have to the song, even if it may not line up with her own interpretation. 

“I didn’t hate the guy, I just didn’t want to be with him anymore,” she recalled. “When I wrote it, I was like, this is fine, I’m not being mean… Then I had all these girls coming to me going, ‘This song helped me get over my ex.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, did I really?’”

Mahalia also reflected on the whirlwind of emotions she felt when she was asked to open for Adele at London’s Hyde Park in July. According to Mahalia, Adele’s 19 was the first album she ever bought and motivated her to start playing guitar. Opening for an artist so pivotal to her musical journey made the experience both deeply fulfilling and nerve-wracking.

“I think I’ve waited for that moment since forever,” Mahalia told Hernandez. “I cried a lot on the day as well. I cried before my set. I cried after my set. It was all very messy.

Mahalia hinted her second album is nearing completion, but says there’s still a few things left to figure out before announcing its release date. Fans don’t have to wait until the new release to catch her in concert again, though —  Mahalia will be back in Chicago on September 20 at Lincoln Hall.

Listen to Mahalia’s full conversation with Nudia Hernandez now on YouTube or Spotify, and learn more about her upcoming Lincoln Hall performance, welcomed by Vocalo, on the venue’s website.

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Interview by Nudia Hernandez

Audio production by Bekoe

Written by George Chiligiris

Photography by Makenzie Creden

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