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Chicago’s Lil Woo Plans On Dropping Two New Albums

Written by on June 12, 2020


Here at Vocalo, we were already rockin’ with Lil Woo. Then his tune “Chicago Love” graced our May “In Rotation,” and we became even bigger fans.

While we all spent the spring sitting at home, this hometown rapper kept himself very busy and very creative. We spoke to him about the two new albums he plans on dropping, how Chicago influenced his own ‘Sappy Rap,’ and the videography and script writing he’s weaving into his music.


How would you describe your work in a few sentences? 

I would describe my work as Sappy Rap – ’80s Sap mixed with Rap. It’s sentimental, melodic and diverse; heart felt timeless music. The type to spark a revolution. I like to make music that paints a personal picture in my listener’s head. It’s inspirational and nostalgic.

Where in Chicago did you grow up? 

I grew up on 19th and Kedzie. For me it was fun because I was around all of my cousins from day to night. The building was a three flat family building.


How has Chicago’s music scene influenced the work that you do? 

Chicago’s music scene has influenced me to stay in my own lane and to be different. Artists like Chance The Rapper opened the doors for me to express my love for God more comfortably and reminded us that it’s important to give back to the community you come from. Artists like Kanye West influenced me to be diverse and confident in the mindset I’m building on my journey.

In our previous interview together you said you wrote your first song when you were eight years old. Back then, you would pass out CDs at church and school. Looking back, what did your family think of your hustle at such a young age? 

Because of my age and musical talent my family thought my hustle was very inspirational. Something that almost seemed like destiny with the given factors that I had family members making music before me and I inherited their talents.

Do you remember what that first song was about? 

The first song was honestly about most things you hear today. Money, cars, women, and fame. At that time I wasn’t aware of the importance of lyricism so I was just saying anything.

Your father was a producer and you have rapper cousins. Did you always know you were also drawn to rap? 

Yes, I remember always dancing to Lil Wayne songs in the kitchen of my Aunty Barbera’s apartment and I always found myself singing songs [from] my dad’s and my favorite artists. I guess you could say I’ve always had an entertainer personality.

Is there something about Chicago rap that you think the city can uniquely offer the world? 

We’ve always had our own style, even relating back to foot working. We offer the world versatility and a different and unique sound than what they’re used to. There’s no place like Chicago.

What was the inspiration behind writing “Chicago Love?” What has the feedback on the song been like? 

I find big inspiration in anthems and theme music. As a kid my parents would always take me and my siblings downtown to gaze at the beautiful scenery of Chicago. As I got older I started exploring by myself and fell in even more love. After one special adventure on the beach with some friends I decided I wanted to express my love for the city and give back in the best way I can – music. There’s more love to come.

You also recently released “Numb,” which we’ve been loving over here at Vocalo! What was the decision like to drop this song in the middle of the pandemic? 

When I make decisions on dropping music it’s more of free will. Right now just felt like the right time so I followed my gut. I wanted to give the fans something to look forward to while quarantining, alongside dropping a single from my upcoming album The Midwest Marauder.

How does creativity help you cope with the pandemic? 

During coronavirus creativity is helping me cope by giving me something to do. With pursuing a career as a professional entertainer I am grateful to have the ability of continuing my work while the world is healing.

What do you think is missing from today’s music landscape? 

I believe a lot of people are reaching for low hanging fruit – such as clout chasing – instead of being themselves and having originality. Today’s landscape lacks being true to itself.

Who are your biggest influences musically? 

My biggest influences musically include my relationship with Father God, my family, Chance The Rapper, & my future generations. I want to make sure that my lineage is blessed and can live a life of happiness and financial freedom. Have privilege that I never seen.


What other mediums, genres or art forms make up part of your creative identity? 

For me another art form would be creative writing, videography, and a little bit of graphic designing. One day I wanna have my own children’s books, novels, comic books and write my own scripts for films and music videos. I’m currently writing short stories for my “Midwest Marauder” series. With videography I have skills to shoot and edit music videos and I edit and script most of my own – same with graphic designing. I’ve made all of my cover arts for music so far.

What’s next for you? 

Two new album releases! One is the first chapter to the “Midwest Marauder” series titled The Midwest Marauder. Marauder Season was the prologue [to the series].

The other is a gospel album my father and I have been working on during quarantine. It will be called the new covenant. I also plan to get more content out there for my fans such as vlogging, music videos, merch & shows.

Lil Woo has put together a playlist of some of the most meaningful and moving songs in her life. Take a listen here:

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Interviewed and edited for length & clarity by Shelby Kluver

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