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Kathy Palma Does Not Let Cultural Or Geographical Barriers Define Her Art

Written by on March 20, 2020

Guatemalan singer/songwriter Kathy Palma just released a new EP “Ella Es,” shedding light into issues of race, feminism and womanhood, all with her own unique style.

Sandra Treviño of Enchufate talked with Kathy Palma about her new EP, and what her plans are moving forward.


Sandra Treviño: Congratulations on your new EP! It’s called “Ella Es,” (She Is, in Spanish), and I wanted to know what is “Ella Es” in this new EP?

Kathy Palma: The title was born out of just my path into growing into being a woman from being a girl, and just that introspection. [It’s about] Women that inspire me and then continue to serve as a North Star for me and the woman that I want to become. So that’s how it was born. And that’s what I write about in all those songs. It’s very introspective.

When I saw the name of your second track, I was immediately intrigued. It’s titled “Yemanyá.” It refers to the African Yoruba goddess of the oceans and the moon. What does the water mean to you, and why did you dedicate this song to this goddess and the sea?

I think water is a very beautiful metaphor for who we are as human beings. Because we’re flowing. We’re always changing. We’re never the same. It’s the common thread between male, female, and no, you don’t have to think about race or anything and I think it can cause a war inside of you. And we’re made mostly out of water ,and it cleans. And it’s just everything beautiful to me. And it’s so it’s a very strong natural element that I feel very connected to. And I think it can signify Love and War at the same time, you know, so it’s very powerful and strong.

Just like your music and all the things that you write about in the music itself. What is feminism for you?

To be whoever I want to be, you know? To be treated equally as any other human being out there. I think that’s my kind of feminism.


You’re releasing a music video soon, is that correct?

So the official video for “Ella Es” is gonna be out on March 20. So I’m debuting a brand new YouTube channel so follow me if you want to check that.

And it’s about just womanhood. You know, I got together with with my closest friends and it’s basically just the recording an ordinary day where you go into a woman’s circle and you share your stories and your you’re sharing a day and it’s just beautiful. It’s about love and about sisterhood. So I’m very proud of what we made.

It was all kind of like a homemade video, but it’s beautiful. It’s made with love. And that’s what I hope shines through that whole thing.

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