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Give In To Nostalgia With KAINA’s New Album

Written by on March 4, 2022

It Was A Home delves into KAINA’s childhood dreams while exploring the grieving and healing of growing up.

Chicago-based artist KAINA released her magical, much-anticipated album It Was A Home on March 4. Representative of her Venezuelan and Guatemalan heritage, the 12-track project is a timeless tribute to KAINA’s upbringing as it explores themes of nostalgia, healing, love and growing up. As an ode to her inner child, the album taps into genres like 2000s pop and R&B, psychedelic rock and electronic.

The album’s synth-filled lead-off track “Anybody Can Be In Love” reminds listeners to open up and accept the love coming their way, even if romantic relationships can sometimes be stressful. Over an easy R&B beat with hints of psychedelia, KAINA sings, “Doesn’t take much to get along,” as she reminds listeners not to miss out on love just because they don’t want to get hurt. Filmed at reputable local venue Metro, the track’s music video finds KAINA walking through a dreamy, Mr. Rogers-esque depiction of a Chicago neighborhood. Dressed in a bright pink and orange princess dress, she sits in a colorful garden with animated flowers, birds and a sunglasses-wearing sun. KAINA’s friend and collaborator NNAMDÏ even makes an appearance as a mailman.

Well into the album, KAINA covers Stevie Wonder’s “Come Back As A Flower” with her angelic voice floating over a gentle island lullaby produced by Sen Morimoto. Released in August 2021, the cover marked her first release in two years and kicked the album’s creation process into gear. The track’s music video falls in line with the album’s overall dreaminess and theme of healing as KAINA explores a majestic fairytale forest in an earthy flower costume, flowing in the wind as she moves.

Approaching the album’s close, “Casita” ties in more nostalgia through its lyrics and instrumentals. Channeling her early 2000s R&B and pop influences, KAINA shared on Instagram how “Casita” is “truly a love letter to the people and moments I miss. A feeling of knowing that you’re always connected no matter what but in the meantime we wait to be together IRL.” 

“I miss sharing my mother’s food, being able to dance around for hours & stay up toooo late talking about dreams and goals with my friends,” she wrote in the Instagram post on Sept. 17 2021. “What do you miss?”

Following the album’s release, KAINA will host record signing at Shuga Records on March 4 from 5-7 p.m. KAINA’s It Was A Home tour kicks off at Metro on March 5, where she filmed the music videos for singles “Apple” and “Anybody Can Be In Love.” Vocalo is a proud media sponsor of the show.

Follow KAINA on Instagram and Twitter and stream her music on Spotify below!

Written by Milo Keranen

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