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Jill’s Top 5 July “In Rotation” Tracks

Written by on July 15, 2021

This batch of “In Rotation” tracks is gearing up to be the soundtrack of our summer, and Afternoons host Jill Hopkins agrees. See what she had to say about her five favorite tracks this month, and stream “In Rotation” below…

JusSol by Keeley “Delilah” Parenteau

JusSol – “Sunflow3r”

“Sunflow3r” is a song dedicated to the sunflower growing amongst roses, and there’s a sunflower garden in the front yard of the house across the street from mine. Those tall SOBs are always turned towards the sun, stretching out and soaking up all of that energy and light. JusSol made this gorgeous track, I think, to remind us to do the same. And, tbh, roses needed to be taken down a peg.

Victor Internet – “LUV”

The artist formerly known as VICTOR! comes to us with another song that folks are certain to eat up this S5 — Super, Single, Sassy, Sexy Summer. It’s an ode to luv, as opposed to love, with an accompanying video that’s just as fun as all of my summer flings used to be.

Rich Robbins – “It’s Not Your Fault”

Dismantling toxic masculinity has needed a theme song for a long time now. Same with personal accountability, self-reflection, and overall improvement. Thank you to Rich Robbins for doing that work on and for himself, and for giving us all something to think about and bop to.

Kala Boti – “Shining”

This is a fantastic, mellow song about an emotions that can feel like bees live in your stomach. Having a crush on your best friend is somehow more terrifying than walking a tight rope, except tight ropes usually have nets underneath. If you’re in the space between hugs and kisses, Kala Boti has just the track for the mixtape you’re going to make.

Philosophy 312 – “Smile”

Philosophy’s philosophy is rooted in philanthropy. He gives back to the community by donating proceeds to Chicago nonprofit social justice education organization MeMA-Music, Inc. That alone is reason to support, but the fact that “Smile” makes me do so is an even bigger one. 🙂

Stream “In Rotation” on Spotify below…

Written by Jill Hopkins

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