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Juice Mazelee’s “Hvnsnt” Is A Gem of Introspective Hip-Hop

Written by on July 1, 2021

Juice Mazelee is an exciting young Chicago hip-hop artist with a unique flair and a willingness to delve into deep and challenging topics.

Mazelee’s new album Hvnsnt is highly introspective, capturing the artist’s thoughts as he comes to terms with growing pains and with maturing as both a person and an artist. The record delves into loss, depression, faith, repentance, violence and coping with feeling trapped and alone.

In addition to music, Mazelee has been a strong advocate for mental health and worked with local nonprofit organizations such as Hope For The Day and The Reginald & Paul Sewell Foundation.

Hvnsnt holds power in the strength of Mazelee’s lyricism. His real talent is his striking ability to combine complex thoughts and rhymes without sounding out of touch or like he’s trying too hard. These songs play like journal entries: inner monologues listeners are given a glimpse of. Hvnsnt possess a very fresh sound, highlighting Mazalee’s versatility as an artist.

Tracks “Hey Mama” and “Promise” both focus on one of the album’s key themes — coping with the loss of a mother. Mazelee lost his mother to cancer at a young age and the tracks showcase the feelings of despair and depression attached to his loss. They also, however, express how much inspiration Mazelee takes from the legacy of his mother. He wants to make her proud and uses his music to express these challenging emotions.

The first single released leading up to Hvnsnt, “Crown”, is a standout track, which finds Mazelee reflecting on the demons he has overcome and the dedication it has taken to pursue a music career. The beat is hard, and backing vocals by fellow Chicagoan Wyatt Waddell make this track memorable.

Hvnsnt preaches that struggling with emotions is a sign of strength, not weakness. The album tells a story of tragedy and loss, but also a story of devotion, success and connection. Juice Mazelee reminds listeners that checking in on friends is sometimes the most powerful thing anyone can do.

Hvnsnt is a bold and necessary record; and through it, Mazelee hammers home his ability to leave a new and unique mark on Chicago hip-hop.

Follow Juice Mazelee on Twitter and Instagram, and stream Hvnsnt on Spotify below.

Written by Erik Anderson

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