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Juice Mazelee Starts The Year With Lyrical Honesty

Written by on January 5, 2021

The new year is perfect time to reflect on how past events help us grow.

As a mental health advocate himself, Chicago’s Juice Mazelee comfortably opens up about his life, even the uncomfortable moments. His new song “Crown” looks directly at his past demons, finding ways to move forward.

Juice Mazelee’s last big release was in 2017 with his second full-length album Peace-IZ, cementing Juice as a staple of the underground rap scene of Chicago. But 2021 plans to bring Juice back into the limelight, starting with a New Year’s Day release of his newest single, “Crown.” Juice Mazelee’s storytelling lyricism about casting out past demons is outlined by an equally powerful backbeat on a moving melodic line.

Stream Juice Mazelee’s “Crown” below!

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Written by Luis Mejia Ahrens

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