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Jill’s May Top In Rotation Picks

Written by on May 19, 2021

Despite the fact that summer taking its sweet time this year, we’ve got a batch of fresh songs to bring out the sun! Jill Hopkins checked out our May In Rotation playlist and chose some of her favorites.

Redwood – “Work”

I’ll forever be in love with the combination of 80s synth sounds paired with super fresh vocal production and content. Redwood and Brandon Rose make a combo just as good as that one, and “Work” has worked its way onto my summer playlist. 

New Context – “Take You Somewhere”

You folks like jazz? This week was the anniversary of the release of Guru’s Jazzmatazz Vol.1, and this is a great track to occupy the space that classic album carved out in our collective psyche. This is Chicago style music that would be just as at home at Subterranean as it would be at Rosa’s. I’m hooked. 

Cellar Door – “Intrusive Thoughts”

This all-too-real track has to do with finding someone who can deal with all of your issues as you deal with them yourself. It’s a tall ask, but this song tells of the struggle so well… all while being catchy AF. 

ArmstrongWW – “Imperfect”

Need something to remind you to get your bars up AND to take piano lessons? ArmstrongWW has you covered. 

The “WW” stands for “World Wide,” and if Cameroonian-born, Houston-based Armstrong keeps it up like this, the world needs to prepare for the takeover.

R.O.E. – “Money Ain’t A Thing”

This is Capital S Smoooooth. Money maybe ain’t a thing, but this track is. When the streets meets the poetry section of the library, you get R.O.E.
R.O.E. has moved his homebase from Chicago to Los Angeles, but – as you all know – you can take the man out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the man. And his music is the proof.

Listen to our entire In Rotation playlist below!

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