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In Rotation: Jill Hopkins Top 5 Local Songs for May

Written by on May 4, 2020

Jill Hopkins Fave #InRotation Additions

Morning AMp Host Jill Hopkins picks five of her favorite tracks from our In Rotation playlist for May, and they are sure to get you moving…

Saeed – “Mamacita”

This song hits all sorts of sweetspots, but it’s the dichotomy between the “Hey, Ma. You got a man?” vibe and the “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger” lyrics is what really make this a standout track.

R.O.E. “Can’t Stop”

R.O.E. stands for “Rising Over Envy”, which is an admirable goal. Something else to be proud of is this song, which would fit right in nestled into one of Questlove’s late night DJ sets. I can see the vaulted ceilings now. 

Lil Woo – “Chicago Love” 

We’ve had our eye on Lil Woo for a minute, and he keeps showing us that we made the right choice to do so. I need him to tell us all why this track makes me feel like I’m in an MGM musical from the 40s, a footwork demo, and Common’s house all at the same time. 

LucKey – “Lately”

So, you know how we don’t have real sports right now? I’ve been watching a lot of virtual and digital sports games on Twitch to make up for it. LucKey made us a song for these NBA2K20 times, y’all. This is music to get drafted to. 

JusSol – “Heaven”

Okay, JusSol. You’re singing to me “Don’t Cry” like you knew I needed a daily reminder, and it needed to be in R&B form.

Listen to all of our In Rotation picks for May below:

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