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Jibriel Makes The Magic Happen

Written by on February 21, 2022

“I had to dig deep into my mind to to go full force with my solo career … I met with the right people and now the magic’s happening.”

– Jibriel

Originally calling Detroit home, this producer moved to Vegas to jumpstart his solo career.

Prior to launching his solo career, Jibriel produced for New Jack OG Teddy Riley, whose robotic talkbox vocals are all over his debut solo single “Close.” Making it onto Vocalo’s on-air rotation for February 2022, this January single has suave ’90s R&B energy all over it — with a modern twist keeping it hip.

We reached out to Jibriel to hear about his life and the music he makes, and to see what’s coming up next on his radar…

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What’s something unique to the Detroit music scene that you love?

I love that Detroit is raw and versatile. Detroit has a grind like no other. You gotta remember it’s Motown!!

How do you like life in Las Vegas so far?

I love it so far, especially the weather. I’m away from the cold. The most I need in Vegas is a hoodie. I’m blessed.

When you’re producing, what’s your DAW of choice and why?

I use REASON to make my beats, and I use Pro Tools to record. REASON is the DAW I started on, and I’ve loved it ever since I was 12 years old. Pro Tools has a smooth workflow, and it’s the industry standard.

What was the most important lesson you learned from working with Teddy Riley?

I learned about staying consistent and thinking outside the box when it comes to creating music. He also taught me the elements to the New Jack Swing.

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What have been some challenges and triumphs you’ve experienced in getting your solo career off the ground?

Man, where can I start… I’ve definitely been screwed multiple times working at other people’s studios and creating music that I was not credited for, worked with envious people, etc. I had to dig deep into my mind to to go full force with my solo career. That required making large sacrifices and having extreme courage. I met with the right people and now the magic’s happening.

The art and music video for your newest single “Close” seem pretty inspired by The Matrix. Any special connection to the film, or was it just an artistic choice?

First me, a few of my friends and my cousin were sitting in the studio brainstorming ideas for the “Close” music video. My cousin, Crystal Patterson, said that it had to be different and bring back themes that they used to have back in the day. She then brought the light to the Matrix Idea, and of course The Matrix is one of my all time favorite movies that I grew up watching. 

Music Video Posted by Artist

Tell us about “Close.” In your own words, what’s this track about and why did you feel driven to record it?

Close is a sensual piece that was written by my big bro, Joe Pore.  I produced the beat, he came through and we brainstormed ideas, and thus came this masterpiece. This song is about missing your lover, and that you can’t wait to get to her. It’s talking about the things that you want to do when you see her because it’s been too long of a wait. When she gets to you, it goes down!

The merch for your single is also pretty eclectic. What’s a merch item you’d most like to create and sell?

The merch is definitely eclectic. I wanted it to represent the vibe of the music video ultimately for this first time around. I would like to create and sell a different style of boot with the Jibriel brand. I have ideas that will soon be put to show.

What aspects of your music are you excited to show listeners with future releases?

My music will bring back emotion and feeling that current music lacks these days.  I will be bringing that old school, mostly ’90s R&B back to the spot light with my New-School twist to add along with it. 

We saw you went bowling with Flava Flav recently! How good of a bowler is he?

Flav is a decent bowler. He comes prepared with all the gear head to toe lol. 

Anything else on the horizon you want listeners to know about?

I want to shout out my management team “Artishaus,” who’s backing me along the way. We definitely about to do some damage out here for sure. We have a lot of things cooking up for the near future.

Edited for length and clarity by George Chiligiris

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