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Chicago R&B Singer JAAS Returns With “Man Down”

Written by on October 24, 2023

After a two-year hiatus from making music, singer and songwriter JAAS is back on the Chicago music scene with her new track “Man Down.” 

She sat down with Vocalo host Bekoe to discuss her new track, her fitness journey and her overall pursuit of becoming the best she can be.

JAAS works to not only move her listeners through her sound, but also inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. Throughout her two-year hiatus, she has been focusing on her overall health and embarked on a fitness journey, which she shares on her social media. 

“I really just want to promote health and wellness and just loving yourself. Part of that is being in the gym, eating right, doing things that say, ‘I love me,’” she noted. “When people see other people work out, it’s motivation.”

After a two-year hiatus, Chicago R&B singer JAAS is back with a new release. She stopped by the Vocalo studios to discuss. Rakim Winfert for Vocalo Radio

JAAS recently moved back to Chicago after a brief stint in Atlanta, noting that adjustments to life in a new city took a toll on her consistency. While there, JAAS continued to work with her Chicago team — namely producer and manager Chris Classick of Classick Studios — while also navigating the Atlanta music scene. She met several people who pushed her limits further as an artist, and some who held her back, ultimately deciding that the best place for her career at this time was Chicago.


JAAS credits her family and support system for helping her get back on track and regain her focus. Returning to Chicago, she felt re-inspired to continue making music while reflecting on her growth from her 2021 debut project Unavailable.

Although the artist took a break following its release, Unavailable still has thousands of monthly listeners. Standout track “Ugly” is one of her most vulnerable and honest songs, and is an example of her dedication to authenticity. In conversation with Bekoe to discuss the project’s anniversary, JAAS also broke down her Oct. 6 single “Man Down,” which she wrote as a playbook for women to always stay one step ahead of men. 

JAAS met with Vocalo morning host Bekoe to discuss her move back to Chicago and the anniversary of her project Unavailable. Rakim Winfert for Vocalo Radio.

“If it’s going to be games being played, it’s two controllers, baby,” she joked.

Her new single is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Listen to “Man Down” and more music from JAAS on Spotify.

Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Video editing by Bekoe, filmed by Rakim Winfert

Written introduction by Blake Hall

Photography by Rakim Winfert

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