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Finding And Supporting Independent Artists In The Age Of Streaming

Written by on February 6, 2023

Sasha-Ann Simons, host of WBEZ’s live talk show “Reset”, sat down with Chicago music connoisseurs to discuss the changes in the music industry since the introduction of streaming, how fans can better support the artists they love and how to find new music by independent artists. 

Vocalo is all about supporting and connecting a variety of music artists with new listeners and providing the exposure and platform they deserve. However, being an artist during the streaming era has caused a few roadblocks for local and independent artists. 

With so many popular streaming services available to listeners (such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music), it’s easy to assume that more artists than ever are able to be discovered. However, artists also have more competition than ever while trying to get their new projects heard by potential fans. Ultimately, it often takes much more than streaming for listeners to find and support local and independent artists. 

Sasha-Ann Simons, host of WBEZ’s live talk show, “Reset”, spoke with Sen Morimoto, musician and co-owner of Chicago-based indie label Sooper records, Shane Bradley aka (DJ Moonlanding), marketing director at Audiotree Music and Vocalo’s very own morning host Bekoe to talk about ways they personally support independent artists and what fans can do to discover and support artists that are making big waves in music. 

Introduction Written by Joshua X. Miller

Reset segment produced by Andrew Meriwether and Ethan Schwabe.