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Chicago’s Ifeanyi Elswith Shows Off And Celebrates On “Everything Festyle”

Written by on July 18, 2020

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Photo by @maseophoto on Instagram

The 21-year-old Garifuna singer from Avalon Park is headed for the top, and she’s bringing her listeners with her.

Ifeanyi Elswith is known around the Chicago music scene for providing background vocals to Wyatt Waddell and working with the non-profit Notes for Notes. But this time the Rosebud Allday musician is all on her own…and she’s here to dazzle.

All eight tracks on Everything Festyle, which drops worldwide on July 24, feel intentional, fun and effortless. There’s a song for every mood – including smooth and sexy R&B, in-your-face Hip Hop, scream-about-your-ex singalongs, and Bedroom-Pop-esque comforts.

Through it all, there is an underlying current of “cool” that is just so addictive to listen to. Elswith has plenty to say and both the rap and vocal chops to say it.

There’s a delightful duality in screaming along to “Don’t Call Me Your Babygirl” – our favorite new womxn-power anthem – only to turn around and cry to her gentle pleads for our inner peace on “Pray 4 U.”

Elswith raps and croons her way through intelligent storytelling with her boundless confidence and refreshing vulnerability. That is, of course, combined with her incredible vocal range and control, which she twists and alters to make every line feel like you’re listening to a singer well beyond her years.

And there’s plenty of Gen-Z references peppered into the tracks, like charming little easter eggs. Such as rapping about not being good at or liking to text back on “XO.” Or when she brings up bending elements like on “Avatar The Last Airbender” on “Fefestyle.”

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She’s on a “Mission” and headed for domination, but she’s bringing us with her. Throughout this album, there’s a gorgeously woven tapestry of confidence also willing to uplift and love on the people around her…while also making no apologies for cutting off toxic individuals. The album is a bold, unapologetic kick in the door and we cannot wait to hear more.

Everything Festyle shows off a young woman who knows who she is, despite still growing, and boldly asks us to look inward and figure it out for ourselves as well.


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Written by Shelby Kluver