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Heavy Crownz Is “Planting Seeds of Success”

Written by on February 24, 2022

“Maybe art is creative communication of one’s innermost feelings, or maybe it’s just doing what feels right, or maybe it’s inspiring people.”

– Heavy Crownz

Chicago rapper Heavy Crownz strives to inspire and serve others through his art.

Activist, artist and entrepreneur Heavy Crownz has been releasing project after project since 2018 — continually leveling with his listeners about what’s going on in his life while juggling his other community-rooted projects. From starting lifestyle brand Grdn Supply in 2021, to hosting a farmer’s market, to directing music videos and starring in a short film, Heavy Crownz has been working nonstop to keep up with his evolving creative endeavors since we last heard from him in June 2020.

Musically, Heavy Crownz is known for his relaxed flows, zen beats and the endless inspiration he draws from plants. Focusing on “planting seeds” to create success for your future, his breezy December 2021 single “Planting” cemented his place on Vocalo’s on-air rotation for February 2022.

We heard from Heavy Crownz about using plants as a metaphor for growth, the importance of uplifting others and cultivating community…

Photo courtesy of the artist

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

I would describe my music as agriculture, plant-based, music to grow to. I’m big on finding ways to champion growth through the music.

Elaborate on making “music to grow to.” Can you tell us how your music has informed your growth?

My music has informed my growth in the sense that I’ve shared very vulnerable stages of my life through my music. When people go back to the Finding series, [the three 2019 albums, Finding Flowers, Finding Truth and Finding Heaven] and then the Agrikwan tapes and now to my more recent stuff, you’ll feel like you’ve been walking alongside me in the garden the whole time. Through it all, I always try to give people a seed of new perspective. A potential route to growth.

The last time we spoke with you was in June 2020. In what ways have you grown since then, as an artist, entrepreneur or person?

I’d have to say I’ve grown tremendously. I was always aware, but the power of service has really been magnified for me within the last two years. Seeing how being willing to serve others and their visions, and how impactful speaking life into others without expecting anything in return, has empowered me to love differently and use my music more intentionally has just been amazing.

Creatively, I’m really blooming right now — from elevating my branding and marketing tactics, to fashion design, to acting, to creative direction projects. I’m pretty much flowing with whatever I feel called to do. Personally, I began a new love, I grew in self-love and also met an amazing woman. Spiritually, I feel more connected with the Most High than ever. I’ve learned how to create my reality, and so I’m claiming abundance and generational wealth all day these days.

The music video for “Planting” features you in two very different settings: one has you surrounded by green foliage and the other in packed club scenes. Was the contrast of these two settings intentional? What’s the meaning behind the scene changes?

I’d say it was meant to just show the many different spaces I may flow in throughout an average day — and that spot actually wasn’t a club, it was a bar my brother DJ Cymba was DJ-ing at. I don’t really do clubs like that. But yeah, I’m multifaceted and I’m spreading love wherever I go, so we planting everywhere.

What was it like directing the music video?

Directing the video was really fun because I did it with my partner, who’s an amazing creative genius in her own right. It was really easygoing.

You recently starred in the short film [series] Demand Justice by Emcaves, which premiered Feb. 19 at the ICON Theatre on Roosevelt. What can you tell us about the film? What role did you play?

Yeah, so I’m really excited about this. The short film is called “Jail” and it tells the story of a young brother — me — who happens to have a very interesting day that sets his life on a road to redemption and restoration. It points to a lot of issues within our society.

Was it your first time acting? What was this experience like?

The experience was great! I definitely look forward to more acting roles in the future. This one was my biggest role thus far, for sure, but it wasn’t my first time. I once did a commercial for Turkish Airlines that never came out, and I did a background scene on Empire.

Tell us a little bit about your clothing brand Grdn Supply, “a brand for the everyday Farmer.”

Grdn Supply is a lifestyle brand I created to champion all the people out there that are committed to self-growth and growth in all things. Grdn Supply is here to accompany one on their journey to wholeness and new experiences.

From fashion, to directing, rapping and acting, it seems like you’re always creating. Do you ever experience creative block?

No, I can’t say I ever experience block because I always aim to put exactly what I’m living into everything I’m doing.

By your social media presence, it seems like you put a lot of emphasis on plants and “planting seeds.” On Instagram, you said, “A plant does not strain or struggle to grow, it just does. No matter the weather, it all adds to the process. It always grows to its full potential.” How do you feel this metaphor applies to your own life, if at all?

I feel like it applies to my own life as a reminder that I will reach my full potential and destiny no matter what. What’s for me is for me. It’s already done. I will become all I was put here to be because everything all works together for my good in the end. Nothing in my life has happened “just because.”

Did anything in particular spark your interest in plants? If you can choose, what’s your favorite kind of plant?

I think what really sparked my interest was just the science behind plants and flowers, more than anything. I can say I have a favorite yet, but I do have a pothos right now that’s growing long and healthy.

Do you look up to anyone? Who is it and why

I look up to people like Common and Curren$y. Servant-hearted, well-off men of the people who did things their way.

What’s your favorite thing about the Chicago music scene?

The love on the scene is real right now. I think I’m seeing a lot of musicians on the scene be about more than just the music… people really wanting to cultivate community. I think everyone is working to be more conscious of the energy we bring one another. From where I’m sitting, the farmers are taking over.

Photo courtesy of artist

If you could collaborate with an artist of any medium, living or not, who would you choose and why?

That’s a tough one… Imma go with Common. We’re going to make a whole tape together one day. I say Common because of just how much of an influence he’s had on my mentality around music and what I should do it for. And he really from the city, he came up in a time when the streets were treacherous and still pushed for positivity, and that’s something I really dig.

What is your definition of art?

I’m not always sure. Maybe art is creative communication of one’s innermost feelings, or maybe it’s just doing what feels right, or maybe it’s inspiring people. Who knows, really.

What can we expect next for Heavy Crownz?

Expect more amazing music, expect the music and branding to enhance consistently, expect world travel, shows upon shows, visible increase. You can expect Chicago to get behind me or alongside me, you can expect my community to flourish in sustainable ways. You can expect great things.

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Interview by Milo Keranen

Introduction written by George Chiligiris

Edited for length and clarity by Morgan Ciocca

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