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Hannibal Buress Releases New Special “Miami Nights” Free To Stream On YouTube

Written by on July 6, 2020

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Chicago’s own comedy goldmine is back nearly four years after his last special, and letting all of us catch it for free on YouTube.

As its name suggest, he new special “Miami Nights” was filmed during a night routine in Miami. But this special is not like others. This feels less like a typical recorded stand up routine, but more like a short film, including edits, graphics and storytelling devices rarely seen in other comedian performances.

Another atypical feature is that the entire special is exclusively available on YouTube for anyone to stream, free of charge.

With Buress’s appearances all around the comedy world, it’s easy to forget that he is indeed a Chicago staple. Luckily, we were able to sit down with Hannibal earlier in the year and talk his Chicago roots. You can take a listen to Jill Hopkins and Hannibal Buress finding some common ground by both being Chicago natives, and talking all about his current life as a comedy superstar.

Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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