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“Save the Post Office” in your sleep – Groupthink to donate proceeds from single to USPS

Written by on September 17, 2020

Local alt-pop artist Groupthink wants listeners to stream Sep. 3 single “Save the Post Office” as much as possible – even overnight – to help raise money for the USPS.

Chicago-based artist Groupthink exemplifies contemporary alt-pop to a T. Taking notes from early 2000s electronic music and artists like MGMT and Daft Punk, they combine mellow vocals with funky synth lines to make an array of dance-worthy singles. At times experimental, Groupthink displays hints of various genres, ranging from indie pop to R&B to singer-songwriter. 

On their new track, “Save the Post Office,” Groupthink slows things down to advocate for a cause they feel is important. An atmospheric, mostly acoustic track with delicate vocals, “Save the Post Office” was released with the intention of giving back to the USPS by donating streaming revenue.

Since the onset of COVID-19 artists have increasingly been using releases as catalysts to raise money for social causes. It’s a trend that reflects the deep empathy so often at the heart of creative expression.  Artist Ric Wilson raised more than $100,000 through livestreams for Brave Space Alliance from March to July and pop icon MIKA plans to host a livestream aid concert for Beirut Sept. 19, splitting proceeds between two different charities. In Groupthink’s case, all streaming money “Save the Post Office” generates will go to the Postal Service in the form of  stamp purchases. The stamps will then be donated. 

A single Spotify stream earns a music rights holder anywhere from $0.006 to $0.0084. It’s not much, and many artists have expressed outrage at this business model. In an effort to generate as much money as possible Groupthink has encouraged listeners to put the song on repeat – even while asleep.

“If one thousand people left the song on repeat while they sleep we would raise a little under $1,000 in one night,” they wrote. “Multiply that by 10. Or one hundred.”

The notion of saving the USPS has been trending in recent months as their state of financial distress has grown increasingly apparent. Not funded by tax dollars but rather  by the sale of stamps, postage and other shipping fees, the USPS was hit hard by the coronavirus as businesses closed. Mail delays have plagued the country and some post office locations have even shut down. As the election looms – and with it an influx of mail-in voters – the notion of “saving the post office” is seen by many as crucial to preserving American democracy.

“Save the Post Office” hit more than six thousand streams within 24 hours of its release. As of Sept. 17, the song had 18,794 Spotify streams. Listen to it below:

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Written by Morgan Ciocca

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