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Future Tells Us That Life Is Good With “High Off Life”

Written by on May 15, 2020


The Atlanta native is not known for taking it slow. Since his debut mixtape in 2012, Future has rarely stopped creating. “High Off Life” will mark his eighth studio album, as well as his 32nd project overall.

Countless artists are getting together, using this time as an opportunity to provide even the smallest glimpse of hope during this pandemic. By no means are we complaining, but Future appears to be one of the only ones directly dedicating their latest album to finding happiness amid all this chaos.

Coming more than a year since his last studio album, and six months since his last mixtape, Future is not spending any time sitting around. The entire world may be experiencing lockdown, but Future is using these months as an opportunity to create.

“High Off Life” may not initially seem as an anthem to staying positive during this pandemic, but you must look at its history. In January, Future teamed up with Drake to release “Life Is Good,” a single documenting the harsh realities of life, meanwhile appreciating the goodness that can come from darkness. When “High Off Life” was announced, it was originally named “Life Is Good,” with the title track opening up the album. As ironic as the title became, Future decided to double down on its message of positivity among hardship, eventually renaming the album to “High Off Life.”

As is the case with Future, there are gems throughout this album. The almost-eponymous “Life Is Good” is a reminder of mumble rap origins, while “Posted With Demons” allows itself to open up and become vulnerable to working through past trauma.

Unfortunately, these gems are not without let-downs. “Touch The Sky,” “Hard To Choose One,” and “One Of My,” at times drag down the polish of the rest of the record.

Despite this, “High Off Life” is a star-studded ride; a 21-song, 70-minute powerhouse that does not let up, even for a minute.

Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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