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The Fly Honey Show Returns To Thalia Hall Labor Day Weekend

Written by on September 1, 2023

The Fly Honey show is back at Thalia Hall this weekend, combining cabaret, burlesque, camp, theater, variety, comedy and nightlife performances all in the name of self-love and positivity. 

Voted the best dance production of 2022 by the Chicago Reader, The Fly Honey Show describes itself as a body-positive, “radical re-imagination of the classic cabaret.” Envisioned by dancer and choreographer Erin Kilmurray more than a decade ago, the show initially had intentions to provide a platform for women creating within her community. 

“I was really looking to try and find a way to sort of stand in my power as a young woman, and be as expressive as I wanted to be without any haters,” Kilmurray recalled in a conversation with Vocalo’s Nudia Hernandez.

In 2009, Kilmurray teamed up with fellow Chicago artists Mary Williamson, Shannon Matesky, John Cicora and Missi Davis to bring the production to fruition. What started out as a one-night event with 30 performers has kept evolving over 13 seasons into an award-winning production, giving a platform to hundreds of artists across any and all disciplines and skill levels.

“I think that that’s … kind of the magic of the project,” Kilmurray noted. “We kind of don’t hold a single identity … we’re just kind of shapeshifters and we’re not all the way in one direction or all the way in the other.”

Producer Vic Wynter (left) and founder/choreographer Erin Kilmurray (right) of the Fly Honey Show stopped by the Vocalo studio on August 30 to discuss the show’s four-day run at Thalia Hall. Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio

Each night of this year’s Thalia Hall run features a different lineup including dancers, musicians, comedians, DJs, drag artists and more, all backed up by a nine-piece band. Some notable performers include Adam Ness, DJ duo TRQPITECA, Mila La Morena, Ariel Zetina, Ctrlzora, Vitigrrrl and more.

“You could come every single night and will see a completely different show and enjoy yourself in new and exciting ways each time,” producer and former performer Vic Wynter told Nudia Hernandez. “You can expect a little bit of everything from us.”

Before the Thalia Hall show run kicked off on August 31, Erin Kilmurray and Vic Wynter stopped by the Vocalo studios to discuss The Fly Honey Show and what audiences can expect from their performances. The Fly Honey Show will be at Thalia Hall through Sunday, September 3. Find tickets and more information on the performances on the Fly Honey website.

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Erin Kilmurray, Nudia Hernandez and Vic Wynter stand outside the Vocalo studio after discussing the Fly Honey Show and its Labor Day weekend performances. Morgan Ciocca/Vocalo Radio

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Interview and audio production by Nudia Hernandez

Written introduction and photography by Morgan Ciocca

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