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Fiel Is Here “For The Win”

Written by on August 29, 2022

Chicago artist and footworker Fiel is on an upward track.

Since 2009, South Side-rooted artist Fiel has been proving himself a master of beats and bars. Formerly one half of the rap duo Hoodgeekz, Fiel has since amassed over 340,000 streams on Spotify as a solo act and worked alongside major artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Fighter Jet and Fast Eddy. 

Making music isn’t Fiel’s only creative skillset — he’s also a footwork master who fans may recognize from one of the country’s biggest nationally-broadcast talent competitions. Fiel started dancing alongside Creation Global in the ’00s, and ultimately ended up in California on America’s Got Talent as a quarterfinalist with Chicago footwork ensemble The FootworKINGz in 2009. 

We heard from Fiel on his new single “For the Win,” featured on our “In Rotation” playlist, how he fell in love with footwork and working with Wiz Khalifa.

How did you get into making music?

I started recording music after a trip to California for America’s Got Talent in 2009.

Who were some of your formative influences? Do you still see these artists’ influence on your style today? How have you seen your style change and form since you first started out?

Today the artists Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu, Jadakiss, Kanye West, Drake, Gunna, Young Thug all have impacted my style. My style has changed plenty since becoming a solo artist.

How has living in Chicago shaped or informed your identity as an artist?

Living in Chicago has shaped my character as an individual and artist in many positive ways. 

What neighborhood in Chicago do you live in? What do you like about it?

I was born and raised in the Auburn Gresham area of Chicago’s South Side. I haven’t died.

Can you tell us a little bit about your work with Hoodgeekz? How has that impacted your artistry?

During my time in The HoodGeekz I worked closely with my managers Scony and Easy, two Chicago street legends. There I was a producer, engineer as well as an artist which has helped me progress today as a solo artist.

Can you tell us a little about “For the Win,” which is featured on our “In Rotation” playlist this month? What’s the inspiration behind this track?

This song is inspired by personal experience.

Compared to some of your other songs, “Bubble Up” seems to have surged in listener count. Is there a story behind that? How did it feel to see it blow up?

I wrote “Bubble Up” in the car on the way to work. It was crazy to see that many people streaming my music.

How did you become involved in the music video production for huge names like Caligula and Wiz Khalifa?

Helton “Brazil” Siqueira, a good friend of mine, invited me to the set.

We recently did a piece on Chicago Footwork at Lollapalooza, and you also dance! How did you get involved and what does footwork mean to you?

I started footworking in 2006 with a local dance group called Creation. Since then, Creation has rebranded to Creation Global and has spread across the world internationally. My grandfather took me to Route 66 Roller Rink in 2004, there I saw the style of dance and immediately gravitated towards it. 

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What’s one thing you hope listeners will take away from your music?

That good music from Chicago can be created without violence.

What’s next for Fiel? Anything listeners should be on the lookout for?

On the forefront I will be releasing a mobile game with play to earn infrastructure in the near future — one month.

Listeners can use this link to find newly-released music.

Check out Fiel’s music on Spotify below and follow him on Instagram.

Interview and written introduction by Makenzie Creden

Edited for length and clarity by Morgan Ciocca

All photos courtesy the artist

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