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Felix Ames Takes Listeners On A Trip To ‘JENA’

Written by on October 23, 2023

Fresh off the plane from his listening party and live recording session in Milwaukee, soul singer Felix Ames sat down with Vocalo hosts Bekoe and Nudia Hernandez ahead of the release of his debut album, JENA. 

The artist shared the inspirations behind the album, his journey to landing a big name contract, and a bit into his personal life.

Inspired by his southern roots in the small Louisiana town of the same name, Felix Ames’ debut album  JENA draws upon the struggles overcome by his family, who once lived there as enslaved people and sharecroppers before migrating to his hometown of Milwaukee. Throughout the album, Ames’ concept of family extends beyond blood relations and includes his growing fan base, especially at his shows. He hopes his performances are close-knit and intimate, with a curated experience for all to enjoy.

“When we pull up to shows, like we’re going on tour next month, it’s a family feel, it’s a family reunion,” he remarked. “That’s what you call real horsepower.”

Before his album’s debut, Ames manifested several career milestones for himself. He claimed a viral song, new management and a tour. His debut song “Shoestring” gained attention after a clear plan to promote the track by posting it daily on TikTok. On the 22nd day, the soulful and timeless song achieved his goal and reached over 1 million streams.

Felix Ames inside the Vocalo studio, breaking down his debut album JENA ahead of its release. Rakim Winfert for Vocalo Radio

His organic and authentic approach to his craft paid off, and he signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings earlier this year. Before he signed the contract, Ames was working at Amazon moving packages and would record songs with local Milwaukee artists including Immortal Girlfriend in his spare time. Ames quickly realized his gift for music, and acted on the vision he had for himself.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this. And I’m gonna find management. Then I’m gonna do this,’” he noted. “Somehow, not exactly how I wanted it to, not exactly how I planned it, but everything that I wrote down is how it happened.” 

Creating music has been a healing experience for Ames, alongside therapy, and this album is a culmination of all the work he has put into his personal development; Ames expressed JENA gave him hope. He is set to go on tour this fall to play the album live across the United States and Europe. 

Listeners can now experience his debut album on all platforms.

Soul singer Felix Ames with Vocalo Radio hosts Bekoe and Nudia Hernandez outside of the Vocalo studio on Oct. 19. Rakim Winfert for Vocalo Radio.

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Interview by Bekoe and Nudia Hernandez

Audio editing and production by Bekoe

Video editing by Bekoe

Written introduction by Blake Hall

Photography by Rakim Winfert

Video filmed by Rakim Winfert

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