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Jill Hopkins’ Top In Rotation Tracks For February

Written by on February 18, 2021

Jill Hopkins breaks down her favorite In Rotation songs for February. See what she had to say and stream In Rotation below…

Photo courtesy of Manny Torres on Facebook.

Jamal Science – “The Heavens

Jamal Science wrote this one for the culture, for Chicago. As much as I hate that the circumstances that contribute to this kind of police misconduct still exist, I’m so glad we have voices like Jamal’s to express how we’re all feeling. 

Manny Torres – “I Still Stand

Manny Torres, if you’re reading this, thank you. I needed this message today. It’s been a rough one, but the reminder to get back up again is much appreciated. This song has a very movie soundtrack feel. It wants to be in the trailer to the Denzel Washington/John David Washington film I’ve been hoping Spike Lee would make for a long time. 

Sadé Eboné – “Heading

Nothing but good vibes here. A slice of bright, danceable optimism from a singer who has just as bright a future. If the Dora Milaje had a mixtape they played getting right for battle, this would definitely be Track 1. 

Andreaus Haley – “Love Me

There are a couple of feet of snow out there, so tell me why this song makes me want to get into a drop top and cruise Lake Shore Drive? The sample, the beat, the bars, all tough. I will still love this song when my summer jam playlist gets made, I’ll tell you that right now. 

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