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Singer/Songwriter Delacey Bares It All With New Single “Black Coffee”

Written by on April 1, 2020


LA-based singer, songwriter and solo artist Delacey bares her soul on “Black Coffee” in a way that’s intensely mighty and simultaneously vulnerable.

“You know I like to drink black coffee ’cause I’m way too dark for milk,” says Delacey, being entirely honest about her struggles of sexuality and race.

The relaxed beat, combined with a melancholic delivery of the lyrics, make “Black Coffee” feel like a safe place to return to. Returning home to be told everything will alright.

It’s a challenging & uncertain time for all of us, but we can rest happy that new music is being released in these tumultuous times. Delacey wastes no time, always being honest and vulnerable with us. Sometimes feeling like someone else sees and understands our struggle is all we need.

“Black Coffee” is just a taste of Delacey opening up for all to see. If you have time, explore the rest of her debut album. You won’t be disappointed.

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Written by Luis Mejía Ahrens

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