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In Rotation: Jill Hopkins’ 5 Essential Tracks for December

Written by on December 9, 2019

Morning AMP Host Jill Hopkins picks five of her favorite tracks from our In Rotation playlist for December …

With music from CantBuyDeem, Lowdown Brass Band, Deep Fayed and more … Check out all of Jill’s picks below.


CantBuyDeem – “STO”

I, too, am “Grandma used to send me to the sto’ for her cigarettes” years old, but I wasn’t smart enough to turn that into hip-hop gold like CantBuyDeem was. The layers of sound the production provides make for a bouncy trip down memory lane. 


LowDown Brass Band – “Guy in the Sky”

This big band has found its way of late with the addition of a dedicated MC in Billa Camp. But, the 10-piece juggernaut of New Orleans-flavored jazz and soul was already a live favorite. We’re jazzed to have them in the hip hop camp now, too. 


Deep Fayed – “As I Try to Remember”

Listen. Catherine Poulos can sing her butt off. And you have to in order to keep up with the rest of this incredible band. Musicianship is the name of the game here. You betta recognize.


Double Barrel – “No More Stress”

Dr. Dre and Ed Lover called and they want their vibe back. This is a party anthem. And you know what has no place at a party? STRESS! So, inhale, exhale, let’s get down!


Jamal Science – “The Love Below”

From the artwork to the track, this is Grown ‘N’ Sexy music. I’m a married lady, and there aren’t enough nuptial raps out there. Jump the broom with this one. Mazel Tov! 



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