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Jill’s Top 5 In Rotation Picks: December 2021

Written by on December 15, 2021

Vocalo afternoons host Jill Hopkins is back to share her top five picks from the last “In Rotation” playlist refresh of the year!

Check out Jill’s picks, and stream all the “In Rotation” selections below!

Jordanna – “Saying Goodbye” (feat. Mother Nature)

There is no universe, no multi-verse, even, that a collab between Jordanna and Mother Nature wasn’t going to hit just right. One of Chicago’s smoothest vocalists and two of the city’s most fierce MCs have made the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of songs for us. Two great tastes that taste great together!

Morgan Gold – “waterbed”

There was a point in the ’80s where around 60% of beds sold were waterbeds. That was a short-lived trend. Leaks, back support problems and expense led to buyers remorse across the bed. This song by Morgan Gold is having the opposite effect on me. I could stay curled up in this downtempo ballad aaaalllll niiiiight loooong. 

Lil Woo – “Lanor” (feat. Alita Moses)

Lil Woo is playing the long game here. He wrote a song for his daughter, expressing his love for her, and his excitement about her future, that they will most certainly dance to at her wedding. “Lanor” is a 21st Century daddy-daughter moment we’re all lucky to be in on. 

nombreKARI – “NEON BOMBS(feat. HateSonny and WemmyMo)

It’s a 61-degree December day in Chicago right now. It’s weird, but here we are. Silver lining is that you can totally roll down your windows and blast this song out of the trunk in the way it truly deserves.

Abel – “Tiralo”

Abel is quickly becoming one of my favorites around here. His melding of reggaeton and R&B is just irresistible and “Tiralo” continues my new tradition of adding songs to playlists that sound great, even though I’m dumb and don’t speak another language. 

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Written by Jill Hopkins

Introduction written by Erik Anderson

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