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Damon Locks Sends Chicago A Message Of Hope With “Stay Beautiful”

Written by on April 8, 2020


We see you. We love you. Stay Beautiful.

Two words is all Damon Locks needs to say to a city going through precarious and challenging times. The music backing the words is disjointed, chaotic, bordering noise. Cymbals crash loudly and the sound of glass shards echoes throughout the entire piece. The voices singing the simple harmonies are not polished and at times lack to agree on pitch.

But it’s those sounds that make the song as personal and as relatable as a song can get. This song is an ode to Chicago’s present struggle and it’s meant to be a warm embrace during a storm. It’s raw and natural, just like Chicago. It’s gritty and chaotic, just like Chicago. But just like Chicago, it’s beautiful.

In a time when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get farther away with every day that goes by, all we can do is breathe in and remember the words: stay beautiful.

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