Curtis Shaw Flagg Updates Listeners on Facebook Accounts, Bartstool Sports Delete

Written by on March 11, 2019

Curtis Shaw Flagg is Vocalo’s Social Media Correspondent, bringing you the news on internet privacy, advancements, and oddities. Today, Curtis joined us in the studio to talk about the latest Facebook account settings, Social Security’s access to your posts and the popular Barstool Sports account deleting a mass amount of photos and tweets from its profile.

Facebook has announced its plan to roll out “memorialized accounts” in the near future. These accounts would be a special setting only to be activated when a user has passed away. Memorialized accounts wouldn’t appear in suggested friends widgets but would be open for friends of the user to comment memories and other remembrances. The roll out aims to fix the company’s “zombie account” issue that deceased users would leave behind.

Another development for the social media tycoon is the Office of Social Security’s supposed access to user’s accounts and status. When a person claims disability or retirement, investigators rarely look to social media to prove or dissprove a condition, but with the threat of fraud taken more seriously investigators are requesting access to applicant’s social media history.

Finally, Curtis brings us the news on popular sports culture account Barstool Sports who appeared to delete over 60 thousand posts on Twitter and Instagram after being accused of stealing content from other users. The company, which has hundreds of affiliated accounts and branches, has yet to comment on the accusations or deleted content.

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