Curtis Shaw Flagg talks ‘Weaponized’ Social Media, New Streaming Platforms, and the Economics of Adult Entertainment

Written by on April 8, 2019

On #Hastag Curtis Shaw Flagg and Jill Hopkins bring you all the news from the world of social media. This week’s show is all about the intricaciesof social media policy and how individuals choose to spend their money online.

The first story today is about the policies that might come in the face of the livestream of Chirstchurch Shooting. The people of New Zealand are already pushing for platforms (ahem, Facebook) to monitor their livestreams the same way that other live broadcasts do, including permits and delays and other beauties that come from the FCC. The Wild West of the internet is finally getting some regulations, and no one is sure how it’s going to handle having to follow major broadcasting rules.

After that came more tales from the frontier of Streaming Platforms. Major distributers are moving towards launching their own services, and we may soon be living in a world where Streaming is bundled the way that cable packages are. It’s either that or signing up for Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, Amazon Prime and who knows what else as more and more people cut their cables and turn online for their sole content provider.

Last, but certainly not least, is a discussion about the economics of the Adult Entertainment. When the internet arrived so did free internet pornography, and the idea of paying for content became a distant memory. The Adult Entertainment Industry has been trying to come up with ways to actually make money off of the work that they produce, and the newest idea is to turn to Crowdfunding. Goodbye Pay-Per-View! Hello Indigogo and Patreon!

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