Curtis Shaw Flagg talks Bluetooth’s Impact on Teens and Facebook’s Response to Christchurch

Written by on March 18, 2019

On this Week’s #Hashtag, Sr. Tech Correspondent Curtis Shaw Flagg brings stories from the world of Social Media.

Jill Hopkins and Curtis Shaw Flagg talked about Facebook’s efforts to remove the videos from the Christchurch attack. The live-stream of the tragedy has been duplicated and re-posted to the social media service over one million times, and the platform is trying to keep up.

They also covered new reports on the impact that Bluetooth and phone use can have on developing brains. Teenagers are being exposed to all kinds of radio signals at unprecedented levels, and the consequences are still unknown. The industry’s move toward wireless connections and upping the data speeds certainly isn’t helping the specutaltion.

The final story of the show involved the mini-facebook shutdown that sent millions of users to other platforms. Both hosts aren’t ready to make the move, but it seems that more and more people are ready to ditch Facebook and Instagram in search of a new frontier.

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