Coucil of Feminist Thought: Melissa DuPrey and Coya Paz Discuss Terry Crews Gender Role Beliefs, Humor in the Workplace

Written by on March 15, 2019

In our recurring segment, The Council of Feminist Thought, Vocalo invites female-identified professionals on the air to discuss the latest news and how those current events have impacted women. Coya Paz, an associate professor at The Theatre School at DePaul University and Melissa DuPrey, a  jack of all trades preformer for Free Street Theater. They joined Jill hopkins on The Morning AMp for a discussion around actor Terry Crews’s recent Tweets that appeared to say children should and “must” have both a maternal and parental figure. The second half of the hour brings us a talk on humor in the workplace and if it helps or harms female coworkers. The discussion was inspired by a study in the Harvard Business Review that concluded that use of humor in workplace presentations generally harms women while it benefits their male counterparts. Listen to the conversation below:

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