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For Cole DeGenova, Authenticity Is “Holy, Holy”

Written by on February 4, 2021

Chicago native and multi-instrumentalist Cole DeGenova returns with a single urging authenticity while embracing uncertainty.

Having grown up a jazz pianist, Cole DeGenova is not a stranger to complexity in composition. His latest single “Holy, Holy” however, takes that complexity and injects it directly into his lyrics. Poetic and with a touch of expressive earnestness, DeGenova denounces manufactured spirituality, collectively urging us to keep true to ourselves, despite others pretending to sell us our truths. With a relatively relaxed accompaniment, “Holy, Holy” at times almost resembles a Hip Hop track rather than the electro-soul we’re used to from DeGenova.

This expressive complexity does not stop at his lyrics, however, as DeGenova’s jazz background seeps from right beneath the surface. Driving minor chords and a neatly melodic backing line make “Holy, Holy” stand out despite its apparent simplicity. But while its verses develop at an almost leisurely pace, it allows the chorus to rise with the punch it deserves, not only bringing DeGenova’s compositional skills to the surface but also showing us his powerful and dynamic high-flying tenor. 

As the nights get longer and the days colder,  let “Holy, Holy” keep you warm. Stream the single below!

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Written by Luis Mejia Ahrens

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