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Catch Joel Q, Heavy Crownz, nombreKARI And Christian JaLon At Vocalo’s Third Chi Sounds Like Showcase

Written by on August 1, 2022

Celebrate Chicago musicianship at Vocalo’s third Chi Sounds Like Showcase…

Our Chi Sounds Like Showcase is back at the Subterranean this Thursday, August 4. Get ready to spend a stellar evening with one of our most exciting groups of artists yet: Joel Q, Heavy Crownz, nombreKARI and Christian JaLon. Each of these artists reflects an essential aspect of our city and its culture within their music, and we can’t wait to share their creativity with you. The event will be hosted by our very own mornings on-air host Bekoe, with our lovely afternoons on-air host Nudia Hernandez laying down some tunes to keep the mood right. Catch up with each of our featured artists below and learn a little bit about what they’re bringing to the showcase this week…

Joel Q

Chicago emcee Joel Q’s last full-length release was the energetic 2020 album Best For Me, but he’s been packing 2022 full of heart-pounding singles like “Champion, pt. 3,” “3Ps” and “Wumbo.” Joel Q is known for verses promoting community and success, and the constructive honesty he delivers with every line. This honesty and commitment to the grind has led to a multitude of opportunities for him, including co-signs by Sway and Dreamville. When he’s not creating, he also teaches special education classes at a CPS elementary school. Joel Q is sure to bring positive vibes and his specific brand of realness to SubT this week.

Stream our February 2020 conversation with Joel Q below.

Heavy Crownz

Effortlessly poetic and always finding inspiration in the natural efficiency of plant life, Heavy Crownz is set to show us what Chicago talent looks like on Thursday night. His 2022 album Whole Lotta Seeds instantly hooked us with the unmatched energy of his flows combined with dreamy beats. Heavy Crownz has been dropping music since 2014, and with every release he shows listeners something new. The rapper packs real-world lessons into his songs in engaging ways to keep you thinking long after the record stops spinning. We’re so grateful he’s sharing his experiences with us through music this week!

Check out our conversations with Heavy Crownz from this February and below from June 2020.


Bronzeville-based rapper nombreKARI has been refining his sound and musical identity since the age of 16. In the five years since, he has made a name for himself in the Chicago scene and collaborated with many fellow local musicians such as Sydny August, Dreamer Isioma, Hatesonny and WemmyMo. He also established himself as an artist without boundaries earlier this summer when he released a short film to accompany his debut mixtape, Children Play with Fire, which focuses on themes of growing up as a person of color in the city. His discography, inspired by classic Chicago MCs, provides deep narratives through expertly crafted melodies and stories which resonate with many.

Check out our January conversation with nombreKARI about Children Play With Fire and stream his July 28 conversation with Bekoe below.

Christian JaLon

South Side vocalist Christian JaLon is an artist of many talents. She expresses herself through emotional lyrics, silky smooth R&B, poetry and photography. Her delicately crafted discography keeps classic R&B alive with soulful themes of growing up in the church, which served as a sanctuary of love for JaLon. However, the real soul of her music comes from its authenticity: undoctored vocals accompanied by live instrumentation. JaLon keeps it real; inspired by hip-hop greats such as Kendrick Lamar and jazz royalty like Ella Fitzgerald and John Coltrane, her music is delicate and timeless.

Catch up with Christian JaLon and stream her conversation with Bekoe from July 26 below.

Get tickets to Vocalo’s Chi Sounds Like Showcase here.

Written by Makenzie Creden and George Chiligiris

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