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Maura Delpero’s “Hogar”: A Moving Portrait on the Complexities of Maternity

Written by on October 21, 2019

“[Hogar] es una película escrita, dirigida y actuada exclusivamente por mujeres. No tanto para excluir a los hombres, sino porque cuenta una realidad femenina. Y me daba muchas ganas de darle voz a este mundo femenino. Nace de una necesidad mía sobre el tema de la maternidad, y sobre todo tenía ganas de darle voz a diferentes tipos de maternidad.” — MAURA DELPERO

Maura Delpero

This week, Italo-Argentine director Maura Delpero premieres “Hogar”(Maternal) at the 55th Chicago International Film Fest (CIFF), her first fiction feature shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Delpero’s lens centers on the complexities of maternity shared by the women living under one roof at an Italian Catholic refuge for single teen mothers known as hogares. Rocío Santos spoke to director Maura Delpero on her way back from the Rome Film Fest about her interest in exploring motherhood from a different angle, and her experience directing “Hogar” in times when more female-led narratives are necessary to spark the conversation about our multifaceted experiences.

Listen to la conversación below broadcasted on Sunday, Oct. 20. Escucha aquí la conversación con la directora Maura Delpero.

Denise Carrizo as Fatima, Lidiya Liberman as Sister Paola and Agustina Malale as Luciana in “Hogar”.


More information: https://www.chicagofilmfestival.com/event/maternal/.

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