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Stix Debuts New Single featuring Supa Bwe

Written by on December 4, 2019


Chicago artist Greg Landfair Jr. AKA Stix is best known as the drummer of Kids These Days, Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean, among others. He recently partnered up with Chicago rapper Supa Bwe to release a new single “Gucci Polo.”

Greg sat down with Jill Hopkins to talk about the single, his production career and more.

Jill Hopkins: How did this collaboration with Supa Bwe come about?

Greg Landfair, Jr.: Me and Supa are good friends. I’d say about a year ago, I hit him up wanting to do a project with him where I was just going to produce and he’d be the rapper. And just through hanging out with him in his basement, and going to the studio all summer, we started to create the project. He’s really encouraging and just a great dude to be around. Actually my first few records that I did with him, he was helping me write and record and just get used to being an artist.

Have you always wanted to be a musician?

It came very natural. I think just growing up in music and being a producer and a drummer, I guess I just always had it in me. For me, at least in the early stages of my career, I struggled sometimes with writing but I would say that drums definitely helped me find melodies and flows and different cadences to work with.


You’re a musician and a producer. How does your drumming influence your production?

I kind of try to separate the two. Early in my career I tried producing, but I would come at it as a drummer and try to use the same things that knew from drumming and apply that to producing. But once I stepped away from being a drummer and just looked at the music as a whole, I think I became better and more mature with my production. Still, drums is a very important part of my production and music in general. If all else fails, I know my drums would be good, but I kind of try to separate being a live drummer from production.

Tell us about the new single, “Gucci Polo.”

Supa and I were in the studio listening to beats. He originally was just like, “Yo, bro you just gotta swag. He’s just like ‘Gucci Polo.'” Supa just did that part “Gucci Polo, Gucci Polo,” and then from there, I literally just freestyled the rest. I kind of freestyle all my music at this point. I punch cut, which means I just say line by line until I get a whole song.


Find Stix on social media at @stixjams across all platforms.

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