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Channel Seven Turns To The Perfect Frequency

Written by on October 31, 2023

Emerging Chicago R&B duo Channel Seven has an undeniable talent for making music on their own harmonious wavelength.

Sitting down with Vocalo host Bekoe, the creative minds behind Channel Seven discussed their journey to forming their collective, navigating the Chicago music scene, and working on elevating themselves both musically and personally. 

Channel Seven combines the talents of singer Marz and rapper Coop to cement their position as a rising force in the city’s music scene. While both solo artists at the time, the two met in a “movie” kind of way at an open mic night at Chicago’s Hairpin Arts Center in December 2021. 

“It was very chancey, but we both showed up,” Marz shared. “I had been there for a minute and then afterwards, we just started conversating in the back. I got his Instagram … We talked about music and thrifting … And then, we started just texting.”

Marz (left) and Coop (right) make up art collective and R&B duo Channel Seven. They stopped in the Vocalo studio after their track “Wake up” was featured on Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist. Blake Hall/Vocalo Radio

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Their initial encounter led to a strong and lasting friendship, and was a catalyst for the natural flow in their music. The duo’s collaborative bond is embodied by their name; they explained “Channel” represents the frequency that they share, and “Seven” symbolizes perfection. Their music, when combined, embodies this idea of perfect harmony, making the name “Channel Seven” particularly apt.

More than a year after their meeting, Channel Seven released their debut single “Steam” in January 2023. The single found its way onto Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist, and their newest track “Wake Up” followed suit and was featured on the same playlist in October. The track seamlessly blends rhythmic lyricism and captivating melodies, fully engaging the senses. 

Most of Channel Seven’s music has been recorded in New York from a label connection Coop made during his time in the military. Coop revealed he found solace in music during the challenging times of his military service, and his experiences pushed him to start writing songs as a way to cope with his emotions. Music became a tool for healing and a form of self-expression.

Marz explained music is an outlet for her as well, allowing her to express feelings and emotions that are challenging to articulate in everyday conversation. 

“Music is definitely very therapeutic for me,” Marz explained. “When I’m writing songs, it’s like I’m telling you things that I wouldn’t even tell you in an interview because I feel like this is a safe space for me … It’s easier to sing it than to say it.”

As they discussed their future plans, Channel Seven revealed they anticipate 2024 being a “vibe.” The pair is working to curate music they are proud of, and plan to release a project in the coming year. 

Channel Seven was also highlighted as one of Bekoe’s top five picks from Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist for October. Blake Hall/Vocalo Radio

Keep up with Channel Seven on Instagram, and listen to their music on Spotify below.

Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Audio editing by Morgan Ciocca

Written introduction by Blake Hall

In-studio photography by Blake Hall

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