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The relaxed beat, combined with a melancholic delivery of the lyrics, make “Black Coffee” feel like a safe place to return to

If you’ve yet to tune in and hear me live Monday – Friday from 10am-2pm. You’re truly missing out, But, no worries. I’ve put together a small list that consists of 5 songs that have turned into my favorite during this week. For the full experience stream podcast via Spotify and continue reading below. 5. […]

Independent artists’ bottom lines are shrinking as the coronavirus outbreak continues — here’s what you can do to help.

Renowned jazz vibraphonist, Stefan Harris, is about a lot more than creating music …

Jesse De La Pena ranks some of his favorite 80’s House and Dance music records.

She says that in today’s climate, infusing vulnerability into music is more important than ever …

Nico Marchetti speaks about the wilder sides of working with tigers and the king himself …

Naomi Martinez aka Monstrochika is an artists maker and educator based in Berwyn. She’s one of our community artists offering virtual sewing workshops. ¡Conócela!

Femdot is a Chicago based rapper, songwriter, and activist who’s been rapidly making a name for himself in both his music and his charitable works.

Bardo continues to amaze by flawlessly using language to tell spread his lyrics to everyone that listens in new song. Too often do we find that languages are grouped and cataloged with specific music genres. If you are a hip-hop artist, you must flow in English. If you speak Spanish, you must be a Latin […]