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callmejimmee Embraces The Imperfect On Self-Titled Project

Written by on November 8, 2023

Chicago singer callmejimmee finds personal and musical identity through new self-titled album.

After the release of his new self-titled project, Chicago artist callmejimmee made his way to the Vocalo studio to sit down with mornings host Bekoe. Jimmee’s track “read receipts” was featured on Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist for October, and the artist broke it down for listeners and discussed the new project.

“I’m so grateful for this project, it feels like a full expression of myself.”

– callmejimmee

Jalen “Jimmee” Eskridge — making music under the name callmejimmee — stays true to his identity on new self-titled project, released Oct. 31. Jimmee’s musical journey has been a long one; in a past interview with Vocalo, the artist reminisced on performing the ABCs to blue line train commuters. He noted he knew pursuing music was always in the cards — though the artist never expected his music to get radio play.

“My biggest thing is, I want to make music that I like to listen to. I want to make the music that inspired me … so I can listen to that and be like, ‘Man, I have more music to listen to, and it’s from me!’” Jimmee told Bekoe. “I think that’s the biggest expression of self-love I can give myself.”

callmejimmee performed a rendition of “read receipts” live on Vocalo’s airwaves, accompanied by his guitar, which he named Shelby. Blake Hall/Vocalo Radio

Jimmee was first introduced to Vocalo a few years back and submitted the single “FEEL” (with some encouragement from his father), which was featured on Vocalo’s “In Rotation” playlist in January 2021. Since then, Jimmee has released several albums, EPs and singles — many of which have continued to land features on the station.

callmejimmee released his new self-titled album on Oct. 31, and stopped by Vocalo the following day to sit down with Bekoe. The duo discussed the name change from Jimmee Music, performing with his guitar on the train and inspirations behind the new album … and treated listeners to a live acoustic performance of lead single “read receipts.”

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Interview and audio production by Bekoe

Audio editing by Morgan Ciocca

Written introduction by Abigail Harrison

Photography by Blake Hall

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