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Chicago’s Brandon Markell Holmes & Rogue Vogue Drop Wildly Luscious EP, The Garden

Written by on August 27, 2021

Released on August 27 by toucan sounds, The Garden is the sticky sweet fruit of a collaboration between avant-r&b singer Brandon Markell Holmes (featured performer on Grammy-nominated Gorillaz album Humanz, ) and Rogue Vogue (a synth loving producer who’s recorded for labels such as Deep & Disco, The House of Disco, and French Express).

photo credit: Patrick Luhrs

“”Gimme Time” is about coming to grips with your internal thoughts/identity and subconsciousness, while simultaneously being in love with someone who you haven’t been fully able to open up to because you’re still figuring so much out about yourself”

Brandon Markell Holmes

Each track is a steamy, lush exploration of disco, house and funk. “Someone Else” opens up like a hothouse flower, enveloping listeners in reverb and warm synths. “Garden” is an instantly infection afropop-inflected romp, and Holmes’s voice is soft and spicy as an orchid petal. “Gimme Time” is reminiscent of classic second wave Chicago house of the highest order, conjuring up images of Versace loafers and popped collars. The slightly distorted vibraphonic synth lines lend just enough heat and acid, while Holmes’s winsome vocals take us to the point of no return in a unresolved relationship.

The Garden is an EP that creates a sweaty, sweet dancefloor Eden, exactly where I want to be.

Listen to the EP here:

Written By Ayana Contreras

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