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Bekoe’s Top 5 Poised To Break Through

Written by on September 8, 2020

Bekoe, the illest at midday, is back to show us his favorite tracks for the week that didn’t make our In Rotation playlist.

Tmuny – “Dusse”

One thing I can say is, when it comes down to choice of liquor, Chicago native Tmuny has great taste. Her latest record spills out an enthusiastic mood and of course, liquor courage! Take a sip of Tmuny’s Dusse below, and most importantly please drink responsibly.

Sharifa – “Disrespect”

Here’s a young artist who’s only 15 years old reppin’ the UK, and frankly speaking no disrespect will be accepted. Though she’s young, she’s hungry and shows room for unlimited growth. With this being Sharifa’s debut single, I’m excited to see what else she has in store.

Anna Dellaria – “Ice Cream”

Here’s a Pop star you should get to know, and her latest single “Ice Cream,” has a double scope of sassy and fun topped off with a sprinkle of fiery vocals that’ll melt your speaker (Just kidding). But for real she has pipes, and she’s ready to take the pop scene by storm.

Wyatt Waddell – “You”

Chicago emerging artist Wyatt Waddell latest release titled “You” has complex melodies that align along the lines of R&B and Funk. I can easily hear him being featuring on a Childish Gambino or Tyler The Creator record. Wyatt’s unique sound will have you feel a musical experience you’ve probably never felt before. Also what makes this record special is how he’s cracked the code to bringing back lengthy records that don’t feel overwhelming.

Josh Arce – “Phases”

This record is fresh, uptempo and something I’m pretty sure many will enjoy. From the moment you press play you’ll hear Josh’s impactful vocals that leads into a fun record discussing the phases people go through, and how it can take a toll on one another.

Written by Bekoe

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