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5 Songs On Bekoe’s Radar This Month …

Written by on October 12, 2020

Bekoe breaks down five must-listen songs this month from artists flying just underneath the radar …

D’Zhari – “Alone”

Chicago singer-songwriter D’Zhari combines both classic and new school soul under one roof for her latest release “Alone.” As you listen below, you’ll hear D’Zhari’s serene vocals, and catchy melodies, that will easily place you in an intimate mood. 

Ke Turner – “Shoot For The Stars”

Born in Jacksonville, FL but raised in Virginia Beach, VA … Ke Turner is an emcee that’s bound to turn several heads. Her latest single “Shoot For The Stars” has some captivating wordplay, on top of a thumping instrumental to match. She’ll be shooting past the stars and landing on the moon soon. Keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to add her latest drop to your playlist.

Keaote’ – “Change”

Kansas city emcee Keaote’ is looking to bring positivity back to hip-hop with all the unrest going around the world. Keaote’ puts together a memorable single titled “Change” in which he builds awareness around everything that’s been going on in 2020 and how we as people can change it. 

Thorgan – “Benz”

This R&B/hip-hop artist was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently lives in the South of France! Thorgan delivers a unique listening experience that truly shows how far both R&B/Hip Hop has come. His single “Benz” has an upbeat vibe filtered with melodic vocals. Not comparing, but I will say Thorgan reminds me of early The Weeknd … and we all how explosive The Weeknd was for the music industry (just saying). Check out Thorgan’s latest release below.

Black Glove – “BIB” (feat. Teo the Artist)

Black Glove is a trio group made up of Sam Glover who’s a bassist, songwriter and vocalist, Phillip Glover a percussionist, songwriter and vocalist, as well as Jason Jones a keyboardist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. The three collaborate to infuse Jazz, Hip Hop, and Neo-Soul. Their latest record BIB, an acronym for Black Is Beautiful, is a soulful piece that turns struggle into a success story.

Find the entire “Poised To Break Through” playlist below!

Written by Bekoe

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